Clothes Storage Methods

When season changes, we may need to take out the clothes that fit and put away the ones we don't wear. Everyone stores clothes in some way, but not everyone knows how to store clothes properly. In order to make sure your seasonal clothing always stay in good condition during off-season time, it's important to store it properly.

Clean Your Clothes for Storage

The first thing you need to do before storage is wash, dry and fold all clothes well. Once you won’t wear some clothes in a new season, they should be cleaned then can be stored. Otherwise the bacteria may reproduce constantly.

Use Right Storage Way

Different storage method is necessary when clothes are with different fabrics, we must consider many factors to make clothes keep in the original way it was.

  • Cotton Clothes

Cotton fabric clothes must dry out before store in wardrobe or storage bag. The dark and light colors should be stored separately. You can also use some mothballs together with the clothes, but not let it direct contact with the fabric.

  • Woollen Clothes

All kinds of woolen clothes are better to hang and store in the wardrobe. If you don’t have a good closet, you can also consider to use a box to store them. A important tip when put woollen clothes in box is make sure you can use clean paper to wrap it. When put into the box, the back of the clothes should be outward to prevent fading and weathering and wind marks.

  • Fibre Garment

It is better to put this kind of clothing flat, do not hanging in the closet for a long time, so as not to elongate because of overhanging. If it’s blended with natural fibers, you can also use a small amount of mothballs. But still need to avoid direct contact with clothing.

  • Leather Garment

Leather garments are very dry and easy to crack, if it’s damp then not firm. So leather clothing need to prevent excessive drying, but also to prevent moisture, MAENER may recommend to hang them in closet too. They are not good to fold and put inside box because it’s easy to have creasing and crack finally.

Small Tips

For stuffs that are suitable to hang for storage, such as a coat, please do not forget to put the clothing in breathable place and make sure the clothing has enough room for air circulation.

For items that are not good to hang, such as sweaters, it’s better to store them in storage box with acid free tissue paper.


The most important thing is to make sure your storage area is clean, cool, dark, and dry to protect your clothing. The box and closet must be cleaned out before you put the clothing inside them, so when you next time get out the clothes, they will be in good shape and condition.

MAENER.COM is always here to help if you have any other questions.

September 23, 2021 — Hana Liu

How to Find Your Personal Dressing Style

Everyone has their own personality, sometimes the way you dress can help to show that who you are. Many people may not sure what suits them good, so we can try to find out your personal dressing style. It's not a simple thing but long process, maybe it will change frequently over time, and you can see patterns in those changes.

There's no denying that when you know you've mastered your style, you will be more confident and know what is best for yourself. Here are some small tips to help you.


  • Look into your closet

First, you should know what you wear more often. Maybe that’s not the style you love, but if more than 50% clothes are with same look, you are supposed to think about it. When you dressed with these clothes, will you be in a cheerful frame of mind? It’s important.

Then try to find out what kind of style you can get compliments from friends when you wear it. Sometimes we should also trust others' opinions. Check all styles in your wardrobe, choose one that make you more comfortable.

Of course, it’s not mean that you must choose the style from your old habits. Just for your reference, this will help you get ideas with how you look like normally.

How to find your personal dressing style - MAENER


  • Discover what you like

Usually we will see many different styles from stars, models or some strangers, pay attention to some dressing that make you feel amazing. Get some inspiration from these fashionably dressed people, and think about whether you prefer the oversize style or fitted one. This is a choice when your closet style is not what you love, go and find out now!

If you don't like to notice other people's style in your daily life, we may recommend you to search some hot topics like ootd via Facebook or Instagram. That will also help you get more ideas and easy for you to choose.

MAENER has worked with many bloggers and Instagram influencer with our clothes, they all know how to choose the one they would like to wear and show, you can also try it.

How to find your personal dressing style - MAENER


  • Try to Shop Now

When you already have some prefer styles that want to have a try, just do it!

Make a shopping list of the clothes you need to buy, then search via online store to get them back. To find a most suitable style for yourself, the first step is to try the style. It doesn't matter if it ends up being the right style for you, but you can only break through trying. Be bold in your choices, wear what you love not what’s in fashion.



  • Take Photos to Record Your Changes

Every time you wear new clothes, take photos with your whole style. Especially the details or accessories, that’s also important step to complete your entire outfit. You are a star absolutely when you with fresh style and confidence! As time goes on, you'll find the right style with these record and changes.

How to find your personal dressing style - MAENER


MAENER also have some small accessories in our online shop, have a look at here:


In conclusion, never stop trying! Everything in the world is changing every day, we also need to get the best for ourselves, go and create a sense of fashion that we can all appreciate! 

September 18, 2021 — Hana Liu
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